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This adventure is the sort thing lifetime memories are made of. It takes place at a scenic part of the river where you will find a wonder and spectacle at every turn. The Captain and his crew will introduce you to the secrets of catching freshwater fish species, some of which weigh over 15kilograms. Imagine landing on fish that is over 5 times the weight of a baby.

The guide in charge of the trip is great and has an unsurpassed knowledge of the lake. Before giving you a go-ahead to put out the lures, he will monitor water depth, water temp, and his fish finder readouts. This will double chances of walking away with a big catch prior to the end of your half or full day excursion. The adventure usually takes place downstream because the water here is incredibly still, lending a sense of serenity to the park. This boat tour is lovely, relaxed, yet informative. There were plenty of cold refreshments on board to cool off the day as you wait for fish to land on your hook. This includes some Ugandan beers and highland coffee. There is a lot to see at the shores of the river, but at a leisurely pace. It was a great introduction to the park.

You are free to carry your own fishing equipment that almost guarantees good catching, but better still if you don’t have one, the crew can improvise at minimal costs.

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