Cultural/community tours of Karamojongs, a tribe of nomadic warriors.

Experience the intoxicating cultures of one of Uganda’s indigenous tribes, taking in a variety of sites from traditional huts that are built around kraals of cattle. The tour begins starts from the Eastern gate of Kidepo Valley National Park (Eastern Uganda). The first stop is the Ik, a minority tribal group that leaves up in the mountains. It is one of the most popular and best-rated sites in Uganda for a reason, leaving most tourists stunned by the views it affords (hilltop view points and, vast savannahs with clear blue skies).

Igongo Cultural Museum

is a true treasure along the highway that connects Uganda’s capital to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There is so much to see in this museum that is dedicated to preserving the ancient ways of life of the Banyankole, a tribe of tall Bantu cattle keepers in Western Uganda. It sits on a gently rising hill that used to host the royal palace of Ankole Kingdom before it was abolished in 1980’s for political reasons. In terms of both indoor and outdoor exhibits, Igongo has it all.

Kisiizi Waterfall

Explore Uganda beyond the gorillas with a sightseeing tour of Kisiizi, a scenic waterfall that doubles as a historical site where girls who conceived before marriage we executed.
Gaze out at the wooded hills that ring the falls, passing through a secondary forest with eucalyptus trees and winding around the edges of the hill to take in views of the distant villages. You will be escorted by a guide who will give you a factual over view of the history of the area’s history and geography. Choose a convenient start off time to try out the zip lining excursion of the falls and feel the adrenaline rush.