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Traveling doesn’t count without interacting with locals. If you believe in understanding a country through its history and people, this half day tour with natives from the Batwa tribe will fill you with happiness.They are one of the only two indigenous tribes of Uganda. Until around 1994, Semuliki was home to this forest tribe. However following its gazzating, they were evicted and moved to the neighbouring village. Despite this shift, the forest is still dear in their hearts. Day in day out, they exhibit how they used to co-exist with wildlife in it, how they used to hunt, build tree houses, harvest wild fruits, and make herbal medicines out of roots.

You will love every minute feeling part of the welcoming community. Absolutely phenomenal!

The guide who will lead the tour is so passionate about storytelling and the village itself. He was born and raised in the park before their eviction following its gazatting. He will show you their process of making love portions, locally processing herbs, making baskets and local brew for the wedding. You will have a walk around the beautiful serene landscape of the village surrounded by rolling mountain ranges. Its mind blowing!

You can expect the same experience of the Batwa community around Mgahinga National Park. Unlike the former, all their recreations unfold inside the park, right at the different arenas where they used to live. On such is Ngarama caves which used to shelter their royal family. It is still amazing, well looked after and full of interesting history. During you tour here, you will find giant caverns, columns, fossils, crystals, few stalactites and stalagmites. The best part is that the guides add to the experience, with their hilarious jokes and vast knowledge of how volcanic eruptions form caves. It is a great cave to see, don’t forget your camera, there are plenty of photos to be taken.

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