Home-stay experience at Nshenyi Cultural village 

Situated between Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, this destination offers a fun, relaxing, attention-grabbing and a delightful cultural experience for both adults and children. Nshenyi is a vast countryside ranch that has been developed into a fully-fledged cultural village, boasting of over 200 herds of an indigenous species of cattle with long horns. During your stay here, you will feel a strong connection with the local people and learn so much about their 600 year old kingdom, Ankole. Its people inclusive the family that will host you are called Banyankole, and the language they speak is called Runyankole.

Among the exciting experiences you can’t miss out on is the traditional culinary treat. There are endless delicious and local foods prepared to each person’s taste using farm fresh supplies. The meat has the lovely smoky taste usually associated with foods of African royals.

Under the guidance of the herdsman, you will milk cows using your hands, and later look after them as they graze on a free range basis.

At night, you will stay in an eco-friendly hut that has a perfect balance of a native architectural style and modern conveniences. The doors are lockable, and the place feels safe and secure.

 The hosts are kind and friendly! But, the best part is getting to walk and bike around the surrounding village. You will meet locals who will engage you in pottery, craft making and farming. You will mingle with elderly woman who will fascinate you with the DOs and DON’Ts of traditional wedding ceremonies.