If you love mountaineering, Mghahinga’s three mountains will WOW you off your feet. They soar at 2,227-4,127m above sea level. Each mountain offers different experiences and there can never be a better way to find out more than by hiking them all. If you want an adventurous way to shade off some weight, Muhavura is a perfect “gym”. Due to its steep gradient, it offers a tough hike that will melt excess fats off your body through sweating. At its top is a crater lake with a scenic beauty that revitalizes the inner most being. In contrast, Sabinyo offers an encounter that effortlessly relaxes the mind and stretches the muscles. It takes the average hiker five hours to climb it and 2-3 to descend it. If you want to get a mix of what both of these mountains offer, you can’t go wrong with Mgahinga. It offers an experience that won’t push you to limits but also not a walkover.

The hike to the summit of each of these mountains is a must if you have time and the energy. They all accessible through easy and well-marked trails, a bit exposed in the upper reaches and the round trip should not take more than 10 hours if you don’t make so many stopovers. From atop, you will be rewarded with astonishing views of the entire rift valley system and its features like crater lakes.

It is better to visit in the dry season from December-February when the paths are not so slippery. In the rainy season, you might end up bushwhacking to re-connect to the walking track, getting our feet wet in the process. It is quite a scramble in places, but you eventually arrive at the viewpoint from where you can see rain falling on the western slope end up in the lakes along the valley. It is impressive, with sweeping views all around you.

On your way to and fro the summit, you might not find many useful, informative signs regarding the flora, fauna and history of the special place. However, the guides will do a great job in telling you everything you want to know.